Understanding ADHD

Dr James Kustow Gets Interrupted

Above are two videos created by people with ADHD in coproduction with the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Adult ADHD Service and Inclusion Barnet. Both videos were written and directed by people with ADHD, most of whom are current patients under the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Adult ADHD Service. The purpose of the videos is to improve understanding and awareness of ADHD in the NHS and beyond.

The first video (Understanding ADHD) is an informational video outlining the key facts about ADHD that the patients and clinicians agreed are important for any health professional to understand.

The second video (Dr James Kustow Gets Interrupted) features the people with ADHD who wrote and directed the videos. Those who felt comfortable to do so each share something about their own experiences of life with ADHD. This video is intended to be more comedic and to represent the chaos of so many people with ADHD working on one long-term creative project!

Please feel free to share these videos more widely. If you want to share any of the statistics mentioned more widely and would like the citations, find them on the Attention UK website (www.attentionuk.org) or get in touch.